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Jim, somehow I had the great fortune of coming across you when I was looking for the right real estate broker to help sell my mother’s house in Baldwinsville after her passing. As a school superintendent for 24 years, I experienced moving and selling homes more frequently than most. Never, never have I ever encountered a broker as honest as you, as helpful as you, as professional as you and with as much integrity as you. You are the finest in the field that I have ever known. You made a very difficult situation for me become one that was relatively pain free.

Jim, you became more like a family member to me during this entire experience. You certainly helped me more than my distant family did and the most difficult times. You not only sold the house, you helped me move the garbage, make the contacts for various tests, make the contacts for the septic issue and more. You constantly kept me up to date with calls on daily basis. You sir, are a class act. I shall never forget what you did for me. Thank you for being the very best at what you do.